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The portion of a commercial radio telegraph message that is sent first, containing the message number, office of origin, date, and other numerical data not part of the following message text.
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in law, the preliminary or introductory part of a legislative or other legal document or of a declaration or international agreement. The preamble usually consists of a concise explication of the purposes and tasks of the particular document and of the conditions, circumstances, and causes that led to its adoption. The preambles of international legal documents usually list the countries that are parties to the particular treaty or agreement.

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The words "Ohrid Framework Agreement" are also added to the Preamble and in this way, the prime minster said, its significance is underlined.
'Our Preamble proposes a union that is indissoluble, a federalism that is permanent, a bond that is eternal.
The preamble of the constitution is based on these core spiritual values.
* Keep existing adequate preamble language: Signatories can opt out of the MLI-prescribed language only if their tax treaties already contain adequate preamble language that covers the intent to "eliminate double taxation without creating opportunities for non-taxation or reduced taxation."
To inform a receiver an impending data frame, a sender precedes the data frame with a preamble to be sampled by all potential receivers.
In [2], Schmidl and Cox proposed a timing and frequency estimation method using a preamble containing two identical halves.
consistent structure of a preamble, followed by articles, followed in
In that preamble, the DOL pointed out that it received comments on both requirements, again centered on cost:
The accord, which includes a preamble and 32 articles, focuses mostly on the status and activity of the Catholic church in Palestine.
Hyderabad: Noting that secularism reflected the "character" of India, Communist Party of India national general secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy on Saturday decried the dropping of the word "secular" from the Preamble of Constitution and demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi come clear on the issue.