precast concrete pile

precast pile

Any reinforced concrete pile which is not cast in its final position.
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For precast concrete pile, the methods using SPT-T data appear to be interesting, since this in situ test simulates pile execution.
Some 3,500 precast concrete piles have been installed to support the structure which if stacked end to end vertically, would be four times the height of Mount Everest.
The use of prefabricated precast concrete piles as deep foundations is preferable due to several reasons such as the uniformity of concrete quality, smooth external surface, high coefficient of impermeability, and its durability.
Specifically, works involve driving some 380 precast concrete piles with sections measuring 250, 300 and 350mm 2 , in lengths of 12-13 metres, which will support the 259 properties - a mixture of apartments and various sized homes, which form the first part of the multi-phase development.
The foundations sit on 1,450 precast concrete piles which, if stretched end-to-end, would stretch for 13 miles.
The huge foundations of the as yet unnamed stadium (while the hunt for a major sponsor goes on) sit on 1,450 precast concrete piles.