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(computer science)
The order in which operators are processed in a programming language.
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operator precedence
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The order in which an expression is processed. Mathematical precedence is normally:

1. unary + and - signs
2. exponentiation
3. multiplication and division
4. addition and subtraction

In order to properly compute the formula that converts Fahrenheit to Celsius, which is fahrenheit-32*5/9, the expression


must be used with parentheses separating the fahrenheit-32 from the multiplication. Since multiplication is evaluated before subtraction, 32 would be multiplied by 5 first, which is not what is wanted.

Logical precedence is normally:

1. NOT
2. AND
3. OR

In the dBASE query:
list for item = "TIE" .and. color = "GRAY" .or. color = "RED"

all gray ties and anything red will be selected, since ANDs are evaluated before ORs. Grouping the colors in parentheses as in the example below yields only gray and red ties.
(color="GRAY" .or. color="RED")
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Although TSP with precedence constraints, as a special case of TSP, is known to be NP-complete (Garey and Johnson [2]), whether or not TSPP-PC is NP-complete is unknown in literature.
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Those buying property should be aware that a contract of sale will only be granted precedence over a pre-existing mortgage if the mortgage lender is paid the amount of the mortgaged debt attributable to the property they are purchasing.
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Order relations between phases reflect technologically, real development of the process and are called relation of precedence. Mathematically, they form an acyclic digraph (James, 2000).