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The number of digits in a decimal fraction to the right of the decimal point.
In air operations, pertaining to a navigational facility which provides a combined azimuth and glide slope guidance to a runway.
(science and technology)
The measure of the range of values of a set of measurements; indicates reproducibility of the observations.
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a measure of the dispersion of the values of a random variable. The precision h is related to the standard deviation σ by the formula

This method of measuring dispersion is justified since, in the case of a normal distribution, the probability density of a random variable with precision h and mathematical expectation a is described by the formula

The precision is used as a measure of the dispersion primarily in gunnery theory and the theory of errors.

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The number of decimal places to which a number is computed.

Compare accuracy.
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The number of digits used to express the fractional part of a number. The more digits, the more precision. See single precision and double precision. See also accuracy.
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