precision approach path indicator

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precision approach path indicator (PAPI)

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A system of lights arranged to provide visual descent guidance information during the approach to a runway. The system is similar to the VASI (visual approach slope indicator). However, the light units are installed in a single row of either two or four light units on the left side of the runway. These systems have an effective visual range of about 5 miles during the day and up to 20 miles at night. The glide-path indications are as depicted in the illustration.
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We're used to Visual Approach Slope Indicators (VASI) and Precision Approach Path indicators (PAPI), but now with a Pulsating Visual Approach Slope Indicator (PVASI) what will you see when you're on the glidepath?
Plans also call for installation of live navigational aids, including two runway edge identification lights, which show airplanes at what angle to land and new precision approach path indicators, which are stronger lights that direct planes where to land on the runway.
Visual Approach Slope Indicators (VASIs), and Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPIs) provide "...
The work follows on from the successful completion of the pounds 3.5 million northern and southern runway rehabilitation project, which required the replacement of runway centreline lights, perimeter lights, touchdown zone, taxiway lighting and precision approach path indicators.
In addition, Aviation Renewables has led the design for the provision of an automated weather observation system (AWOS), warning lights, windsocks, apron lights and precision approach path indicators (PAPIs)--which, except for the AWOS, are also solar-powered.
Various navigational aids, such as precision approach path indicators and radar are required.
Upgraded Movement Areas Guidance Signs (MAGS) were installed at all 42 runway/taxiway entrances, which now include Take Off Runway Available (TORA) information, while Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPIs) were installed on runways 07/25, 16R/34L and 16L/34R replacing existing T-Visual Approach Slope Indicator System (TVASIS) visual aids.
The standard 3.5-clegree Precision Approach Path indicators (PAPIs) were on the left-hand side, with the 7.5 degrees required for London City positioned on the right.

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