prefabricated wall

demountable partition, relocatable partition

demountable partitions
A nonload-bearing partition of dry construction, assembled from prefabricated components, which can be installed, removed,
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EdgeBuilder manufactures and sells prefabricated wall panels for commercial and residential construction applications and permanent wood foundation systems for residential buildings.
Prefabricated wall units with pre-punched windows were produced off site and delivered within days of the scheduled installation.
Marie, GR Truss produces roof trusses, open-web floor trusses, and interior and exterior prefabricated wall panels at its 11,680-square-foot manufacturing plant.
Specialist Panels provides Isowall prefabricated wall panel systems for fireproofing and clean and cold rooms.
ABLE - which stands for Avon Beam Lightweight Enhanced - is a prefabricated wall, which includes windows.
Next, the prefabricated wall panels are built, the floors and roofs are assembled and then everything is taken down and trucked to a barge for transport to Isle Royale.
3 External face of prefabricated wall panels consists of steel gabion cages, adapted to form cladding.
The company is in midst of constructing a 6,000-square-foot addition which will be used to manufacture prefabricated wall panels, a product that will soon be made available to customers.
The prefabricated nature of the work packages enables environmental control systems to be incorporated within the building's "kit of parts", and so we will see houses starting to function like your average family car - simple computer chip mechanisms in the components will help the various frames and prefabricated wall elements to "recognise" one another, and integral wiring within these component parts will plug together to provide a diagnostic readout of how the house is performing.
This was Ain's and, indeed, Soriano's approach: clear-span interiors subdivided by sliding partitions and prefabricated wall units, exploiting spatial fluidity learned from Schindler and Neutra.
With over 200 stores in 10 states, Carter Lumber is one of the United States' top building materials retailers and manufacturers of trusses, custom moldings, millwork, engineered lumber, and prefabricated wall panels.
48 x 7 m prefabricated wall panels reinforced concrete approx.