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in architectural construction, a technique whereby large units of a building are produced in factories to be assembled, ready-made, on the building site. The technique permits the speedy erection of very large structures. It has been applied to urban housing for more than a century. Major architects, including Walter GropiusGropius, Walter
, 1883–1969, German-American architect, one of the leaders of modern functional architecture. In Germany his Fagus factory buildings (1910–11) at Alfeld, with their glass walls, metal spandrels, and discerning use of purely industrial features, were
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, Konrad Wachsmann, and Buckminster FullerFuller, R. Buckminster
(Richard Buckminster Fuller), 1895–1983, American architect and engineer, b. Milton, Mass. Fuller devoted his life to the invention of revolutionary technological designs aimed at solving problems of modern living.
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, have been involved significantly in the development of prefabrication. See also modulemodule.
1 Term derived from the Latin modulus, a unit of measure in classical architecture equal to half the diameter of a column at its base. This unit was used in proportioning the classical orders of architecture.
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The manufacture of standardized units or components, usually at a mill or plant away from the site, for quick assembly and erection on the job site.
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In the seven ways to tackle construction's poor productivity - BIM and prefabrication contributes to 6 out of the 7:
In fact, within the piping sector alone, prefabrication is considered to be up to four times more productive than field fabrication.
Sami Banat, General Manager, Ranco & Zamil Concrete Industries, KSA, said to this writer on the sidelines of the summit, "This summit has been a hit with the attendees in light of the growing popularity of Prefabrication and Modular Construction Industry which is forecast to grow at CAGR of 6.
India's growing interest in such construction has led to global makers of prefabrication machinery and parts - Finland-based Elematic, UK-based Spiroll, Germany-based Halfen, Vollert and Weckenmann and Netherlands- based Van Boxsel Engineering among others - entering the country.
In today's construction landscape, prefabrication is considered a significant advancement within health facility designs, construction and procurement.
Use of unfamiliar processes and techniques is the biggest challenge for construction companies to consider when implementing prefabrication in construction projects.
Prefabrication can reduce cost, save time, and improve quality, but it also entails an upfront premium in space, material, schedule, and labor--a premium that delivers value at scale, but only above a threshold that differs for each project.
However, industrialization means industrial method employed with reference to mechanization, standardization and prefabrication.
United States-based The Shaw Group Inc (NYSE: SHAW) has started construction activities on its pipe prefabrication facility in the United Arab Emirates.
True, the bulk of the MOMA show impressively documented the ways in which the history of prefabrication is closely tied to collective housing in the service of politically progressive goals, but its ambitious centerpiece, consisting of five projects, chosen for actual construction in an empty lot next to the museum, seemed more like "Starchitecture Within Reach" than thoroughgoing efforts to make housing more egalitarian through the economies of prefabrication.
Though the identical nature of the two Quellengarten blocks initially suggested a high level of prefabrication, this was not followed through because of a lack of local entrepreneurial competence.
Prefabrication of heater coils Tender no: ST08104800 Description: Prefabrication of 1502B heater coils at QP refineryMesaieed.