prefinished door

prefinished door, prefitted door

A door prefitted to an opening; both faces are factory-finished to specification and accommodations are provided for locks and hinges.
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* Embark SL prefinished mouldings and millwork, engraved, stained and embossed to match hardwood grain patterns for major manufacturers' prefinished door skins; and
One of Contact Lumber's big commercial jobs, done for Japan's Landmark Tower Hotel, included many pieces of wrapped maple and anigre along with the company's prefinished doors and trim.
Prefinished door frames and doors began to be specified and installed commercially in the late 1950s.
Both the prefinished door and door frame can be installed after the walls and flooring are in place, avoiding damage by painters and carpenters.
Prefinished door frame systems permit installation in less than 30 minutes by almost any worker with little training.
Manufacturers of prefinished doors stand behind their products.
The cost of prefinished doors and frames is less than field painting, which can average $25 per opening for the frame alone.
USA is a wholesaler and fabricator of architectural and commercial wood doors in the Eastern United States providing door and hardware distributors with machined, re-sized, and value added additions to both unfinished and prefinished doors, in short lead times.
One online source for prefinished doors and parts is
The small shops had discovered the joy of outsourcing; sell yourself, build boxes and buy prefinished doors. This concept brought them happiness and three meals a day.
You maybe able to avoid this task by ordering prefinished doors. We finished our doors with one coat of prestain conditioner, one coat of oil stain, and two coats of polyurethane varnish.
(If you buy prefinished doors, it'll be difficult to stain the veneer to match.) Usually dealers offer a wide variety of door styles, mostly in oak and maple.