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What does it mean when you dream about being pregnant?

It is quite normal for someone who is pregnant, concerned about being pregnant, or wishing she could become pregnant to dream about it. Pregnancy can also be a metaphor for being “pregnant” with a new idea, and dreaming about being pregnant could symbolize the development of a new aspect of one’s personality. (See also Baby, Embryo, Miscarriage).

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It sends forth its emigrants like any other old region, and it is pregnant with industry and enterprise.
Meanwhile there was the snow and the low arch of dun vapor-- there was the stifling oppression of that gentlewoman's world, where everything was done for her and none asked for her aid-- where the sense of connection with a manifold pregnant existence had to be kept up painfully as an inward vision, instead of coming from without in claims that would have shaped her energies.-- "What shall I do?" "Whatever you please, my dear:" that had been her brief history since she had left off learning morning lessons and practising silly rhythms on the hated piano.
One after another the precious hours, pregnant with the issues of life and death, followed each other on the dial.
Though this circumstance alone would have alarmed Sophia, who was somewhat more a mistress of computation at present; she had indeed much more pregnant evidence from the eyes of her lover of what past within his bosom; nay, though he did not make any open declaration of his passion, yet many of his expressions were rather too warm, and too tender, to have been imputed to complacence, even in the age when such complacence was in fashion; the very reverse of which is well known to be the reigning mode at present.
When the actress and host encountered the question, 'Are you pregnant KC?' she replied, 'You guys have to stop with these 'pregnant' rumors already.'
The source went on the indicate that Middleton wanted to be pregnant again by now, which makes the news even more delightful for the royal couple.
Researchers examined medical records of more than two million women who were pregnant from 2010 through 2016 to identify those who were hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed flu.
Speaking, the founder of the organisation, Simisola Igbokoyi-Obasan stated that 'It started as an idea when I nursed a very deep desire to help pregnant women enjoy a seamless United States' childbirth process from start to finish.
"The guidance opens the possibility of ethical conduct of trials in pregnant women but carefully lays out the caveats to be considered," Christina Chambers, PhD, a perinatal epidemiologist at the University of California, San Diego, said in an interview.
The guidance is "intended to advance scientific research in pregnant women, and discusses issues that should be considered within the framework of human subject protection regulations," according to posting comments in the Federal Register.
'It's very hard for a pregnant woman to get a job,' Srey Sros said.

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