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What does it mean when you dream about being pregnant?

It is quite normal for someone who is pregnant, concerned about being pregnant, or wishing she could become pregnant to dream about it. Pregnancy can also be a metaphor for being “pregnant” with a new idea, and dreaming about being pregnant could symbolize the development of a new aspect of one’s personality. (See also Baby, Embryo, Miscarriage).

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Both of them address Matilda's military actions but the latter deals more pregnantly with her feminine nature.
The typically human terms in which great historical trends become tangible had never been so superbly, straightforwardly and pregnantly portrayed.
After the endless jokes, this balmy winter Around the pool, about the missing marbles, What was more natural than for my birthday To get--from the friend whose kiss that morning woke me-- A pregnantly clicking pouch of targets and strikers, Aggies and rainbows, the opaque chalk-red ones, Clear ones with DNA-like wisps inside, Others like polar tempests vitrified .
So up he goes, and the results are tremendous: early morning light over Skiddaw reveals 'a superb cloud inversion, like a bowl of gently simmering fog soup'; a lone sheep enjoys sunset on Ennerdale; the River Esk, in summer bloom, demonstrates how beautiful water looks when it's running over rocks; and a cloud swelling pregnantly over the approach to Bowfell releases a flurry of snow.