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period of human evolution before writing was invented and records kept. The term was coined by Daniel Wilson in 1851. It is followed by protohistory, the period for which we have some records but must still rely largely on archaeological evidence to provide a coherent account. The study of prehistory is concerned with the activities of a society or culture, not of the individual, and is limited to the material evidence that has survived.
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The second is that their explorations of prehistory show a "subtly pervasive skepticism that was the product not so much of philosophical inquiry as of a rising conflict between the will to believe and a stirring discontent with explanations that did not square with reason and experience" (2).
I comment on some of the chapters which I believe have the greatest implications for prehistory or advancing methods in the region.
Textiles and textile production in Europe from prehistory to AD 400.
The subsequent conferences, in New Caledonia in 1992 (Galipaud 1992), Vanuatu in 1996 (Galipaud and Lilley 1999) and Canberra in 2000, have canvassed a much greater range of thematic, temporal and disciplinary interests in the late Holocene prehistory of the southwest Pacific, where Lapita continues to be the focal point.
Uncertainties exist in the genetic data, but the new report takes "a quantum step forward" in the study of prehistory, comment archaeologist Colin Renfrew of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research in Cambridge, England, and his colleagues, in the same issue of NATURE.
William Carlos Williams, author of the epic Paterson, which ponders the Passaic River, its falls, its power, its prehistory and history, and the social, economic, and spiritual consequences of that history.
Belief in the North East, which has been awarded a PS180,000 National Lottery Heritage Fund grant, aims to deliver an overview of religion in the region, from prehistory to the present.
Some 5,356 ancient sites have been put on the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts' archaeology and prehistory list for management since their discovery, a senior official said on Thursday during the 'Publishing the Results of New Archaeological Discoveries' workshop.