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1. the first public performance of a film, play, opera, etc.
2. the leading lady in a theatre company



the first public showing of a new or revived theatre production, a variety or circus show, a motion picture, or a film made for television. A new work in a repertoire is also often called a premiere.

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* Dutch National Ballet, world premiere of Frida, Feb.
'The Amstel Malta Jungle Festival was more than a movie premiere, it presented an opportunity for people to sit back and relax from all the Lagos hustle,' Tobi Bakre added.
The selection features eight world premieres, one international premier, five regional premieres and two Bosnian-Herzegovinian premieres.
Premiere Rush harnesses the powerful capabilities of Premiere Pro optimized for mobile devices.
The worldwide demand for all series premieres from April 2015 to the day of Game of Thrones ' season 8 premiere on 14 April was indexed by Parrot Analytics and Guinness World Records.Itsanalysis found that the global demand on the day of the premiere exceeded the global premiere demand of every other TV series, including Game of Thrones own global season 7 premiere day demand, for any season across all platforms and markets under measurement.
Antonin Dvorak: Rusalka (premiere of a new production).
When she was still alive, Princess Diana also attended several premieres. In 1982, she wore a red polka dot scarlet dress to the premiere of "For Your Eyes Only." She donned a huge baby blue dress designed by Catherine Walker to the premiere of "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom."
Let Premiere Management help you make taking care of business easy.
'Precious Hearts Romances presents Araw Gabi' lead stars JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial were a tag team at the premiere.
In Sharjah, Premiere Group operates the 86-key Sharjah Premiere Hotel and Resort, the 134-room Lou'lou'a Beach Resort and suites, and the 86-unit Al-Majaz Premiere Hotel Apartment.
PREMIERE Adrien Brody's a skint exconvict who ropes his younger brother Hayden Christensen into a risky plan to rob a bank.
3TO SEE GRAND PIANO Sky Movies Premiere, Friday 10.15PM PREMIERE Elijah Wood plays a virtuoso concert pianist with chronic stage fright, who is threatened with death unless he plays a recital 100% note perfect.