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1. the first public performance of a film, play, opera, etc.
2. the leading lady in a theatre company



the first public showing of a new or revived theatre production, a variety or circus show, a motion picture, or a film made for television. A new work in a repertoire is also often called a premiere.

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Check out all the December premiere dates below (All times are EST):
There are several decisions that can enhance the premiere performance and thereby honor the state commissioned composer.
Later, MARAH DANCE THEATRE, a finely-tuned dramatic ensemble, will premiere From Me Comes the Time, a full-evening excursion into the passage, captivity, and continuum of time, with a funeral and a wedding as the settings (December dates TBA; Wilma Theater; 215/546-7824).
We are excited to announce that DV500 PLUS is one of the first editing products to fully support the new features of Adobe Premiere 6.
2 million Cleopatra, with its epic ambiance, makes its * Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre premiere October 26-29 at the Benedum Center.
Check out all the September premiere dates below (and remember all times are EDT, so adjust accordingly):
Ma will perform live for the world premiere of Morris's The Argument, set to music for cello and piano by Robert Schumann, and the Boston premiere of Falling Down Stairs, set to Bach's Suite No.