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Premonition; Presentiment

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A premonition, or presentiment, is a warning of a future event. Premonitions range from vague feelings to visions and auditory warnings. Dreams also may bring premonitions which may be presented in a straightforward manner or purely symbolically. Premonitions differ from predictions in that the latter states that a certain thing will definitely come about, and may include minute details, while the former is simply a strong feeling that something is likely to happen.

Nandor Fodor (1895–1964) says that a premonition should have two fundamental conditions: (i) “The fact announced must be absolutely independent of the person to whom the premonition has come,” and (ii) “The announcement must be such that it cannot be ascribed to chance or sagacity.”

The Society for Psychical Research, in its early days, collected 668 cases of premonitions of death; 252 more were added in 1922 alone. Camille Flammarion (1842–1925) collected 1,824 cases.


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Understanding and identifying premonitory signs is important for better understanding the pathophysiology of migraine and to help our patients recognize when a migraine may be coming.
Premonitory symptoms, including restlessness, confusion, disorientation, agitation, chills, nausea, numbness, and tingling, are commonly reported just before the cardiorespiratory collapse.
We are trying to develop an awareness of the premonitory urge.
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Evoking her light gray eyes and his light gray sweater, their favorite Italian songs, their sex, her premonitory nightmare, the baby's kicking, his occasional error in accenting the local dialect, Dalembert successfully elaborates the couple's inner harmony.
The Gothic dream is an especially contested space in terms of allegory and affect; Gothic texts emphasize the inducement of horror, yet make extensive use of the premonitory dream, which is associated with symbolic dream interpretation.
A recent NIH-funded, multi-center randomized control trial called Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Tics, or CBIT, showed that training to voluntarily move in response to a premonitory urge can reduce tic symptoms.
The elliptical, recursive structuring of images in Spring Breakers, in which the result of an action will often be glimpsed before the event has taken place through a kind of premonitory trance, privileges the immediate effect/ affect of shots at the expense of global narrative considerations.
In those respects yes but in one, potentially premonitory way, it was also an historic one as five of the six matches were played on Friday night and one wonders if it was mere coincidence or an augury of things to come.