prepaid ticket advice

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prepaid ticket advice (PTA)

A ticket that has been paid for in local currency in the country of destination and sent as a valid ticket to a passenger in the country from which he or she will embark on the flight. The information about the ticket and instructions to local agents to issue the ticket is called a PTA.
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prepaid ticket advice (PTA) An ARC traffic document that is used to permit issuance of an airline ticket at a location other than the location of payment.
Among the standard traffic documents included in the sales report are four-flight manual tickets, automated ticket/boarding passes (ATBs), miscellaneous charges orders (MCOs), prepaid ticket advices (PTAs), tour orders, and refund/exchange notices (RENs).
The prepaid ticket advice procedure allows travelers to purchase an airline ticket through their local travel agency and to have the ticket issued by the airline to another person in a different location.
The ARC ticket document called the prepaid ticket advice (PTA), which is completed by the travel agency.
The prepaid ticket advice is an ARC accountable form that is validated with airline and agency identification plates.
The airline's authorization is an ARC document called an authority to refund prepaid ticket advice. The form is completed by the airline and mailed to the travel agency.