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With the focus being fewer forward-deployed land bases, the need for prepositioning was amplified.
LTJG Jonathan Markrich, NCHB1 deployed to Commander, Maritime Prepositioning Force (CMPF) and 2D FSSG FWD, Camp Patriot, Kuwait.
Thus the prepositioning force include lighter carrying ships and special crane ships capable of unloading containers without a port.
Prepositioning and reliance on the Air Force can increase strategic mobility for the Marines just as they have for the Army, but prepositioning must be modified for the new mission.
Prepositioning air munitions on the ground and in ships and the use of transportation assets were considered.
Work will be performed at the Blount Island Command in Jacksonville, Florida (85 percent); aboard 12 maritime prepositioning ships (12 percent); six locations in Norway (2 percent); and one location in Kuwait (1 percent), and is expected to be completed by September 2016.
Additionally, the Marine Corps has used a significant portion of the stocks downloaded from 5 of its 16 prepositioning ships to support operations in Iraq and it is unclear when this equipment will be refilled.
As per the report, WFP announced the urgent need for 377 million USD for its food assistance operations in South Sudan for the next six months, including prepositioning food ahead of the rainy season as 60% of the country will not be reachable from May due to rains
The USNS William McLean is the 12th of a class of 14 dry cargo/ammunition ships slated to serve as Combat Logistics Force (CLF) ships or be part of the Maritime Prepositioning Force.
COL David Perkins, USA, Chief Prepositioning Division

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