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The prepuce: Specialized mucosa of the penis and its loss to circumcision, British Journal of Urology, 77, 291-295.
Following administration of first dose of Vincristine sulphate, there was complete stoppage of serosanguinous discharge from the prepuce and remarkable reduction in size of tumor mass.
If the laceration is accompanied by severe preputial edema, the penis and prepuce should be retained within the preputial cavity by using a retainer bottle, nylon netting, or nylon hosiery suspended at the preputial orifice with a crupper and surcingle made of rubber tubing.
Biomechanical stress due to repeated acts of retracting the prepuce during urination and coitus can result in fissuring which can lead to fibrosis and phimosis.
Bacterial colonisation of prepuce in boys with vesicoureteral reflux who receive antibiotic prophylaxis.
Ifpenis, prepuce, and regional lymph nodes are extensively involved, surgical options are en bloc resection with or without penile retroversion [13-15] or penile transection just distal to a perineal urethrostomy [16,17].
When voiding, all the patients presented with major ballooning of the inner prepuce [Figure 1]a.
Finding the urethral meatus by retraction of the prepuce may be more difficult in smaller infants and in uncircumcised boys, thus making TUC more difficult [1, 6, 7].
Circumcision is a surgical excision of the prepuce. Some researchers indicated that the excessive excision of the preputial mucosa may decrease the sensorial innervations of the penis.
The Greeks felt that man was only truly "naked" when his prepuce was retracted (Gollaher, 2001).
Penile protrusion or paraphimosis is the inability of the exteriorized penis to return to its normal anatomic position inside the prepuce. Both congenital and acquired causes can be held responsible for paraphimosis.
Fibroepithelial polyp of the prepuce: A rare complication of long-term condom catheter usage.