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a power, privilege, or immunity restricted to a sovereign or sovereign government
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(Russian, prerogativa), an exclusive right belonging to some state body or official. An example of a prerogative is the right of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR to pass laws of the USSR. The Supreme Soviet’s prerogatives include the ratification of the USSR’s national economic plan and the state budget, as well as the report on the execution of the budget. The Supreme Soviet also has the prerogative to admit new Union republics to the USSR.

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Further, as Noel J affirmed, the scope of the royal prerogative can be limited expressly by parliament if it wishes to make cabinet decision-making more accountable and transparent.
FOR THOSE WHO HAVE STUDIED THE PRESidency without ideological blinders, the question is not whether the prerogative exists.
Leading experts emphasize this formal perspective in their writings on prerogative powers.
'That is the PM's prerogative, I've got nothing to say about that,' he told reporters when asked at the National Economic Forum 2019 here.
Are you saying they are not deserving, do people even know the interpretation of amnesty and the exercise of the powers of the prerogative of mercy.
"We leave it to the president po, kasi prerogative naman po (niya) iyan (it's his prerogative)," said PMA Spokesman Major Reynan Afan.
Now, it was the state's prerogative either it would repatriate or arrest him through Interpol.
Asked to comment on why only Trillanes, he replied that he was using a presidential prerogative in issuing Proclamation 572.
Summary: Nagpur (Maharashtra) [India], September 2 (ANI): Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Saturday refused to comment on speculation that he was being shifted to railways, saying it was the Prime Minister's prerogative to induct and drop ministers.
These patriots believed they were connected to Britain through "the person and prerogative of the king" and denied Parliamentary supremacy over America (35).
(2) His two main arguments concern the English history of prerogative and administrative power--though in addition, he makes a conceptual point about the distinction between legislative and judicial power.