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a power, privilege, or immunity restricted to a sovereign or sovereign government
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(Russian, prerogativa), an exclusive right belonging to some state body or official. An example of a prerogative is the right of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR to pass laws of the USSR. The Supreme Soviet’s prerogatives include the ratification of the USSR’s national economic plan and the state budget, as well as the report on the execution of the budget. The Supreme Soviet also has the prerogative to admit new Union republics to the USSR.

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"The strongest with their prerogatives are at the head of the authorities now," Jreissati said, adding that he had agreed with His Eminence the Mufti to interpret the "rule of the powerful" which is derived from national consensus document "on the basis of apt popular representation and credibility."
The legal scholar described two contrary features of Hitler's government: There was the 'normative state,' the formal constitutional norms for civil and political rights, and the 'prerogative state,' with its arbitrary exercise of power.
BEIRUT: Less than two years in office, President Michel Aoun's mandate has been jolted by rifts and a war of words over the prerogatives of the Maronite head of state in Lebanon's sectarian-based ruling system, rekindling a sensitive issue in a country that is still struggling to recover from the consequences of the devastating 1975-90 Civil War.
And since there is no government policy governing workplace romance between co-employees or between a rank-and-file employee falling in love with her boss or vice versa, ALU-TUCP Spokesperson Alan Tanjusay said the matter of "workplace romance" issue is controlled by company's management prerogative.
The 67 articles of the bill were approved in plenary session after the rejection of most of the proposed amendments, notably those concerning the extension of the prerogatives of the proceedings.
These patriots believed they were connected to Britain through "the person and prerogative of the king" and denied Parliamentary supremacy over America (35).
Of course--as already noted and as will be elaborated in Part I.C--the king enjoyed some prerogatives independently of statute.
The delegation watched a presentation on the regulatory legislations of the postal sector in the Sultanate, which become within the TRA prerogatives according to the Postal Service Regulatory Law issued by the Royal Decree No.
Le president du Conseil national economique et social (CNES), Mohamed Seghir Babes, a souligne que la constitutionnalisation de son institution permet l'elargissement de ses prerogatives. [beaucoup moins que] La constitutionnalisation du CNES lui ouvre un eventail de prerogatives [beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-il precise en marge, de la rencontre d'evaluation des cadres du secteur des ressources en eau et de l'environnement.
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