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a power, privilege, or immunity restricted to a sovereign or sovereign government



(Russian, prerogativa), an exclusive right belonging to some state body or official. An example of a prerogative is the right of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR to pass laws of the USSR. The Supreme Soviet’s prerogatives include the ratification of the USSR’s national economic plan and the state budget, as well as the report on the execution of the budget. The Supreme Soviet also has the prerogative to admit new Union republics to the USSR.

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THE Royal Prerogative of Mercy is one of the historic privileges of the British monarch.
Encompassing literature, legal history, and politics, Jessica Dyson's Staging Authority in Caroline England: Prerogative, Law and Order in Drama, 1625-1642 analyzes plays by Phillip Massinger, Richard Brome, Ben Jonson, James Shirley, and John Ford in the context of English legal debates about sovereign prerogative and legitimate legal authority in the two decades leading up to the Civil War.
6-2012-2012-0001 marked municipal asp center of a project application - industry and trade system (which provides local government prerogatives full support for industrial and commercial administrative affairs administration of) supply, development, fitting the framework to support test operations (which includes support for deployment and user training) for sharp commissioning.
Ce seminaire, organise par la Commission nationale du dialogue sur la societe civile et les nouvelles prerogatives constitutionnelles, constitue la 4eme rencontre du genre au niveau national et a pour but d'associer les acteurs associatifs regionaux au debat sur les nouveaux roles de la societe civile a la lumiere de la nouvelle Constitution et les moyens de renforcer la democratie participative.
Certaines des prerogatives concernant cette loi ne sont pas l'apanage du president de la Republique, a poursuivi le chef du gouvernement.
further observed that the scope and application of Crown prerogatives are determined by the judiciary, not the executive, "because decisions of the courts determine its existence and its extent" (paragraph 26).
Benjamin Franklin, as familiar with the prerogatives of the Crown as anyone, observed on more than one occasion Americans' denunciation of governmental arrangements and institutions that smacked of "too much Prerogative" (Franklin 1949, 135, emphasis in original).
The High Court espoused apolitical legalism as the source of its legal reasoning, but the cases will be excavated to discern to what degree the court adopted the doctrine of managerial prerogatives and thus the sovereignty of capital as its criterion of jurisdiction.
That is why the ALU-TUCP said they are calling on the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to step in and issue guidelines on inter- and intra-office workplace romance policy to prevent abusive employers from such oppressive management prerogatives.
Other than the paramount respect and adherence to the rule of law and human rights, the extension of prerogatives under President Duterte's martial law, particularly the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus, essentially frees our government and security forces from the usual bureaucratic procedures and processes attendant to the due prosecution of rebels and/or terrorists.
La seance de l'apres midi a ete ponctuee par des discussion sur l'article 25 portant sur les mecanismes de delegation des prerogatives du conseil local a son president.
The 67 articles of the bill were approved in plenary session after the rejection of most of the proposed amendments, notably those concerning the extension of the prerogatives of the proceedings.