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presbytery, presbyterium

The actual sanctuary of a church beyond the choir and occupied only by the officiating clergy.
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Presbyterium Ordinis, in particular #16, another statement about Sacred Scripture as the foundation and soul of all theology and the renewed emphasis on the need to communicate salutary truths in a contemporary manner;
In his early years as a bishop, therefore before 356, in a written commentary destined very likely for his presbyterium,(171) he emphasizes that the descent of the Spirit is itself a kind of bathing or baptism.
C'est a des pretres du milieu rimouskois, tous universitaires aujourd'hui a la retraite, que le diocese de Rimouski a confie la tache de preparer un document destine a alimenter la reflexion de ses pretres sur le [much less than] charisme [much greater than] de cinq de leurs predecesseurs en vue d' un Conseil du Presbyterium diocesain tenu les 6 et 7 juin de l'an 2000.