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a. written instructions from a physician, dentist, etc., to a pharmacist stating the form, dosage strength, etc., of a drug to be issued to a specific patient
b. the drug or remedy prescribed
2. (of drugs) available legally only with a doctor's prescription
a. written instructions from an optician specifying the lenses needed to correct defects of vision
b. (as modifier): prescription glasses
4. Law
a. the uninterrupted possession of property over a stated period of time, after which a right or title is acquired (positive prescription)
b. the barring of adverse claims to property, etc., after a specified period of time has elapsed, allowing the possessor to acquire title (negative prescription)
c. the right or title acquired in either of these ways
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written instructions from a physician to a pharmacy for the preparation and issuance of a medicine and also containing directions on how to administer the medicine. Prescriptions are written according to definite forms and rules. A simple prescription is written for a single medicinal substance, and a compound prescription is written for a medicine that consists of two or more ingredients. A prescription is a legal document, since it makes it possible to verify whether a medicine has been prepared correctly.

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