presence chamber

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presence chamber, presence room

The room in which a great personage receives his guests or those entitled to come before him; a hall of state.
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In October 1727 he had the canopy of state and its seat furniture removed from the Presence Chamber at Kensington, 'not being in use there', to furnish the Great Drawing Room at St James's.
45) The pier widths in the Prince of Wales's apartments at Hampton Court are as follows: Presence Chamber, 141.
Music-making at court took place largely in the `public' areas: the Guard Chamber, the Presence Chamber and the Chapel.
Palaces were all set out in similar fashion, in effect providing a succession of barriers with increasingly restricted access: Hall, Guard (or Watching Chamber), Presence Chamber, Privy Chamber and other private apartments.
The new building was, in fact, a presence chamber to which the functions of the old Tudor presence chamber were switched.