presentation graphics

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presentation graphics

Business graphics, charts and diagrams used in a presentation. Presentation graphics software provides predefined backgrounds and sample page layouts to assist in the creation of computer-driven slide shows, which, in combination with a data projector, made the 35mm slide presentation obsolete. Navigation from page to page (slide to slide) can be done manually or automatically every so many seconds. The most popular presentation software is Microsoft PowerPoint (see PowerPoint).

Frames and Transitions
The format is a series of horizontal frames (slides) with transitions between them. Images, text, audio and video are laid out on the frames, and speaker's notes can be added. Like any page layout program, elements on a frame can be moved around and resized.

The Slides
Thumbnails of the slides ride in a separate window, allowing you to select and resequence them by clicking and dragging.

Be Your Own Videographer
In PowerPoint, making slides dissolve or fade into each other is done by simply clicking the transition you want.
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In its space show presentations, the Hayden Planetarium blends the fields of scientific visualization, presentation graphics, and Hollywood-style animation.
Used wisely, presentation graphics software helps audiences understand the message and helps speakers support their points.
Gerry was the sole or primary designer of several of the firm's well known early projects, including the Football Hall of Fame or Bill-DING-Board, and he created its most distinctive collage type presentation graphics. (The office's characteristic drawing style, done with ordinary #2 primary school type pencils, was Bob's.)
Make a simple list of the presentation graphics you think you'll need.
New feature enhancements also have been made to Entourage(TM) X, the e-mail and personal information manager, PIM programs, Word X, Excel X and the PowerPoint(R) X presentation graphics program.
* ThinkFree (booth 1547) will showcase ThinkFree Office, a Microsoft Office compatible suite of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation graphics applications, which uses Java technology to support a wide variety of operating systems and device platforms
Microsoft Producer, which works together with the PowerPoint 2002 presentation graphics program on Office XP, can be used to synchronise audio, video, slides and images for the creation of rich-media presentations.
StarOffice 5.2 software provides complete functionality including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, and database.
"The new eZedia multimedia integration product brings presentation graphics software into the 21st century with its easy to use interface and powerful media object tools," said Videometry president and CEO Steve Gianfermo.
The new iPresentation Mobile Playback Option supports Microsoft Windows Media Player and PowerPoint presentation graphics program.
To enhance productivity right out of the box, Lotus SmartSuite Millennium Edition with Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet software, Lotus Freelance presentation graphics, Lotus WordPro and Intuit Quicken Basic 2001 come pre-installed on the Satellite 2805 series.
Then "After proposal submittal" includes rules for responding to customer questions, rules for making and using oral presentation graphics, rules for negotiation, and post-award rules.

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