press proof

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press proof

[′pres ‚prüf]
(graphic arts)
Proof removed from the printing press to inspect line and color values and overall quality; this is the last proof before the complete printing is done.
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prepress proof

A sample of printing before the print job is started. It is the most accurate way to preview the output of a commercial print job. Also called a "contract proof," the colors approved by the customer in the proof are expected to be rendered identically in the finished job.

Prepress proofs date back to the 1940s, where each of the CMYK colors were printed separately on film sheets and overlaid together to simulate the four-color printing process. Starting in the 1960s, 3M began developing proofing systems using various overlay methods, including its Color Key, Transfer Key and Matchprint brands. As digital printing technologies evolved, high-end inkjet printers began to produce output that was equally effective for proofs (see IRIS printer and Matchprint). See soft proofing and CMYK.
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With variable-data printing we're back to the press proof for final sign off.
According to Walsh, being able to quickly and easily provide press proofs is critical to winning new business.
As is most often the case, customers are going to forgo the substantial added expense attached to the creation of a press proof. Therefore, all they have to go on is the proof.
While a digital proof is considered a contract proof by many converters, some choose to use an off-press press proof, otherwise known as a wet proof, as their contract proof of choice.
Often you can't proof these jobs properly, so you have to go on press for a press proof. With this particular job we went on press twice.
"It also provides us with just in time' press proofs for specific projects working closely with client designers, allowing us to adjust for an ink match on the fly without having to mix ink," she adds.
Ed Templeton has been off in Europe at large finishing up final details and approving the press proofs for his long awaited book, Deformer.
The Wallace contribution encompasses over 30 years of the award-winning illustrator's work and includes the art from his 21 published books, as well as rough pencil drawings, drafts for published and unpublished manuscripts, correspondence with publishers, teachers, librarians and children, book layouts and press proofs. It also includes work from his student days at the Ontario College of Art (now the Ontario College of Art & Design) and other materials, such as the picture that won the 8-year-old Ian the prize in a drawing competition at the Niagara Falls Public Library.
According to ICS, Remote Director is the first proofing solution to be SWOP Certified, meaning that it guarantees its proofs match the Certified Press Proofs used in publication production or current proofing systems.