pressure connector

pressure connector, solderless connector

A device which establishes a connection between two or more electric conductors, or between one or more conductors and a terminal, by means of mechanical pressure and without the use of solder.
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The left side panel has the Power On/Off Switch, External Power supply Connector, LED Charging Battery Light, Pneumotach/Flow Sensor input, O2 Sensor Connector, Exhalation Valve Connector, Airway Pressure Connector, Patient Gas Connector and Alarm Reset Switch.
The Series 210-A Micro-Lift is a space-saving pressure connector system.
The MPI line of instrumentation connectors are designed to handle the intense pressure connector requirements of R&D labs.
Contract awarded for Needle Biopsy Breast / Low Pressure Connector 1.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Brass Sleeve Id-8Mm, Od-10Mm, Suitable For Pneumatic Pressure Connector As Per Standard Is: 319, Specn.
Tenders are invited for Enquiry For Stellant Dual Syringe Kit And Low Pressure Connector Tubing
Contract awarded for Needle Biopsy, Low Pressure Connector (Imaging Order 67783)
5 Cmx Lot 14 Dressing for Catheters Lot 15 Hydrocolloid Adhesive Dressing Lot 16 - Compatible Consumption Vacuum System for Complete Therapy of Acute and Chronic Wound Management Renasys Go Small Foam Kit Foam Kit Medium Kit Sea Foam Kit Antimicrobial Bandage with Drainage for Fistula Kit with Antimicrobial Negative Pressure Bandage Small Kit with High Negative Pressure Bandage Antimicrobial Kit Accessory Flat Silicone Drain Transparent Adhesive Film Exudate Collection Canister 300 Ml Exudate Collection Canister 750 Ml Y Connector Fasa Antimicrobial Negative Pressure Connector
Rapid filling connector,- Low pressure connector tee length min.
Contract award: delivery kits medard system, low pressure connector for kla.