pressure gun

caulking gun

A device for applying caulking compound by extrusion. In a hand gun, the required pressure is supplied mechanically by hand; in a pressure gun, the pressure required usually is greater and is supplied pneumatically.
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Every ammunition factory in the world has a laboratory with a very accurate scale, a loader or two to make carefully weighed test loads, a freezer, and most important, a pressure gun and chronograph.
What I was able to do is help organize a national campaign we call "Do Not Stand Idly By" to pressure gun manufacturers to become part of the solution to gun violence, rather than remain part of the problem.
In his essay "Minimum Resale Price Maintenance--Retailers Can Advocate, But Not Coerce," Cahn identifies that while dealers may be tempted to jointly pressure gun manufacturers and importers to create and enforce resale price maintenance (RPM) policies or MAP programs, it would likely prompt legal action to be taken against them and NSSF.
The night before going to the range, spray the chamber and front of the barrel with a shot of high pressure gun scrubber, then follow by running a patch or two of Windex WITHOUT ammonia through the bore and dry patch.
YOU will need to hire an extendable ladder or platform to get close enough to the sills - and a water pressure gun to clean off the gunk.
At EFS, the mechanical and plumbing took kit covers a wide range like a service pressure gun, gauge manifold, vaccum pump, brazing set, drill machine, plier-spanner set, pipe cutter, pipe bender and various other tools.
The second was an ad he ran in the April, 1994 issue of the Australian Shooters Journal illustrating a simple, but rather unconventional, pressure gun fixture he invented and presumably was using as a control instrument.
In their pressure gun at the time the original Keith load clocked out at 1,234 fps with a pressure of 20,870 psi.
DC: I think right now without using a pressure gun that we are up around forty, forty-five thousand psi.