pressure regulating valve

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pressure regulating valve (PRV)

A device used to reduce and maintain the water pressure automatically with predetermined design parameters, for both dynamic flow and static conditions.
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The company stated that it has recalled 900 units of Scorpio EX to replace its pressure regulating valve. The recall is limited to the vehicles which were manufactured between October to November.
Pressure regulating valves should be installed on every floor at a set pressure no higher than 60 psi, and each one should have an isolation valve with it."
Pressure regulating valves are also installed inline.
The Sentronic valve is an electro-pneumatic pressure regulating valve with a pressure range from vacuum to 725 Psi.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Pressure Regulating Valve
Five tenders for the supply of (a) two water pumps for the foam based fire extinguishing station, (b) speed regulators with motors, (c) 2 MVA transformers, (d) different capacity motors, also (e) steam pressure regulating valve. Ref.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 8 inch pressure regulating valve
Contract Awarded for Automatic safety shut off valve and self-operated pressure regulating valve
working pressure controllers rn 16 - outlet pressure regulator, hydraulic; pressure regulating valve according to consumption, hydraulic; float valve, 1-level, horizontal float, hydraulic; float valve, float, for 2 levels, with vertical float, hydraulic; valve controlling the level with an altimeter pilot; hydraulic cheerleader; output pressure regulator with built-in water meter; pressure-adjusting valve for consumption with built-in water meter; flow control valve at pump outlet (active return valve), hydraulic; valve, float, mechanical float.
Tenders are invited for Pilot Operated Pressure Regulating Valve
Tenders are invited for Compressed Gas Regulator Weldcut Brand 4000 Series Two Stage Pressure Regulating Valve
Tenders are invited for Pressure regulating valve assembly, air filter assembly

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