pressure regulating valve station

pressure regulating valve station, PRV station

An installation of multiple pressureregulating valves in a single zone of a water supply system in a building.
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Tenders are invited for Installation of 10,000 LF of 16" ductile iron water main, 9,200 LF of 8" ductile iron water main, 610 LF of bored & cased road crossings with casings ranging from 24" to 12" diameter, four pressure regulating valve stations with concrete vaults & accessories, tie-ins to existing water mains at 5 locations & related appurtenances.
Design and construct pressure regulating valve stations, metering, and control devices on four transmission mains; the Avra Valley Augmentation (W410), the 24-inch Santa Cruz River, the 48-inch Park Avenue, and the 48-inch Alvernon Way/Valencia Road C-Zone

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