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1. Music to be played very fast
2. Music a movement or passage directed to be played very quickly



a musical term designating a quick tempo. The term was first used in the early 17th century. In the 18th century it came to denote a tempo quicker than allegro. “Presto” is also combined with other terms for more precise meaning: presto assai and presto molto (“very quickly”) and presto ma non tanto and presto ma non troppo (“not very fast”).


A parallel language for shared-memory multiprocessors, built on top of C++ by Bershad et al, U Washington 1987. PRESTO provides classes for threads and spinlocks as well as Mesa-style monitors and condition variables. E-mail: <>.

["PRESTO: A Kernel for Parallel Programming Environments", B.N. Bershad et al, U Wash CS TR, Jan 1987].

browser rendering engine

Software that renders HTML pages (Web pages). It turns the HTML layout tags in the page into the appropriate commands for the operating system, which causes the formation of the text characters and images for screen and printer. Also called a "layout engine," a rendering engine is used by a Web browser to render HTML pages, by mail programs that render HTML email messages, as well as any other application that needs to render Web page content. For example, Trident is the rendering engine for Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and Gecko is the engine in Firefox. Trident and Gecko are also incorporated into other browsers and applications. Following is a sampling of browsers and rendering engines. See HTML and render.

                    RenderingBrowser             Engine     Source

 Internet Explorer   Trident    Microsoft

 AOL Explorer        Trident    Microsoft

 Firefox             Gecko      Mozilla

 Netscape            Gecko      Mozilla

 Safari              WebKit     WebKit

 Chrome              WebKit     WebKit

 Opera               Presto     Opera

 Konqueror           KHTML      KHTML
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Presto Engineering provides outsourced operations for semiconductor and IoT device companies, helping its customers minimize overhead, reduce risk and accelerate time-to-market.
The modular design of Presto D3 toploading collator facilitates handling of multiple product and carton types and sizes on the same machine as per its manufacturer.
The Air Prestos, which will feature multi-colorway neoprene uppers, first debuted back in 2000.
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The seventh novel from Mitch Albom follows Presto - a gifted guitarist with the ability to change lives - from the moment he was born in a church during the Spanish War.
French company Presto, engaged in the manufacture of water saving and tapware products, expects that a Middle East subsidiary it opened in the UAE last year will help build on its successes in the Gulf
Kolkata, India, March 13, 2015 --( Completing almost 2 decades since its inception, Presto Wonders is here to define quality and class through its one of a kind and highly evolved rubber stamps.
KEMPTON: 5.50 Ray Of Joy, 6.20 Honey Meadow, 6.50 Almerzem, 7.20 Desert Snow, Meadow, 6.50 Almerzem, 7.20 Desert Snow, 7.50 Panda Spirit, 8.20 Presto Volante, 8.50 7.50 Panda Spirit, 8.20 Presto Volante, 8.50 Incendo, 9.20 Tenor.
Without the hazards of the hot oxide process, Presto Black is a fast, economical and safe room temperature process that provides high corrosion resistance tested for up to 1200 hours humidity exposure.
With JackBe Presto, the company transformed those 40 systems into a single sign-on.