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Pretibial myxedema is observed in 2% to 5% of patients with GD.
Pretibial myxedema, ophthalmopathy and acropachy in a male patient with Grave's disease.
(Serum) TSI: Thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulin binds to tissues in the eyeballs and beneath the skin, contributing to exophthalmos (protruding eyes) and pretibial myxedema (skin thickening on legs).
This dermopathy of Graves' disease usually occurs over the dorsum of the legs or feet and is termed localized or pretibial myxedema. In this case, symptoms may be nonspecific and include fatigue, cold intolerance, headache, and dry skin.
(See "Common [and not so common] causes of hyperthyroidism" on page 391.) Palmer sweating, pretibial myxedema, and Plummer's nails (onycholysis) are also unique for Graves' disease?