preventive maintenance

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preventive maintenance

[pri′ven·tiv ′mānt·ən·əns]
A procedure of inspecting, testing, and reconditioning a system at regular intervals according to specific instructions, intended to prevent failures in service or to retard deterioration.

Preventive maintenance

The maintenance contractor performs regular inspections, maintenance, and calibration according to an agreed schedule, and reports any obvious deterioration of the plant. The owner is responsible for the cost of all major repairs.

Preventive Maintenance


in technology, a systematic and preventive operation or group of operations for maintaining technical devices or items at a given level of reliability in a serviceable or active state. Preventive maintenance is generally performed at specified intervals that are determined in advance. The procedure consists in an inspection of the item and the replacement or repair of its parts and units. The item is also cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted. Preventive maintenance reduces the likelihood of a sudden loss of operating efficiency (failure) that can result from, for example, the deterioration of the parts of a device or the clogging of its contacts. Preventive maintenance may also be performed at irregular intervals in conjunction with the restoration of the operating efficiency of an item after its failure.

preventive maintenance

The care and servicing by personnel for the purpose of maintaining equipment and facilities in satisfactory operating condition by providing for systematic inspection, detection, and correction of incipient failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects. Preventive maintenance is periodic in nature—the periodicity is based on hours flown, on calendar basis, or combination of both.

preventive maintenance

(PM) To bring down a machine for inspection or test purposes.

See provocative maintenance, scratch monkey.

preventive maintenance

Inspecting hardware on a regular basis to ensure it stays in good running order. Preventive maintenance generally implies taking the equipment out of operation during the maintenance period. In the 1960s and 1970s, preventive maintenance took hours every week or every month and was performed by a field engineer.

Starting in the 1980s, computers began to run without breaking down for weeks and months on end, and preventive maintenance became less of an issue over time. Today, electronic devices are rarely taken out of operation on a regular basis. The only exception is the periodic cleaning of automatic feeders and paper paths in high-volume printers and scanners. See remedial maintenance and percussive maintenance.
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Provide training in preventive maintenance techniques specific to the equipment at your properties.
If your preventive maintenance intervals for the vehicle are more frequent than the manufacturer recommends, try conducting a lubricant analysis, primarily of engine oil.
Though viewing equipment failure, or even wear and tear, as a profitability inhibitor, some organisations still either find themselves working in a 'fix-it-when-broken' mode and have not yet moved into a more preventive approach, or in some cases are yet to be convinced of the extent of value a preventive maintenance plan offers.
Applying what the schools have reported to spend, if your buildings are valued at one million, then $15,000 - $50,000 needs to be spent on preventive maintenance.
In contrast, lack of preventive maintenance often results in the opposite.
In a preventive maintenance programme, small parts are replaced, lubricants are changed, or adjustments are made before failure occurs.
PS, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly, is an Army technical bulletin dedicated to preventive maintenance, maintenance and repair, and logistics management at the field level.
This first volume in a projected 10-volume series details the importance of preventive maintenance to an overall maintenance strategy.
Including operators in essential care of equipment--including preventive maintenance inspections--can produce a substantial return on investment.
2) This disease can be prevented, if building operators, owners, and managers follow sufficient preventive maintenance procedures.
Gaps in the budget can be closed through stepped-up efforts in preventive maintenance," said Margie Russell, executive director of NYARM.

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