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Conclusions: Although rare, stuttering priapism is a challenge to treat, taxing the patient, physicians, and hospital resources.
We present the case of a patient with late-onset priapism after two years of risperidone treatment.
If stuttering priapism persists despite optimal treatment, specific prophylaxis and home treatment should be considered.
ie, said yesterday: "I have heard of priapism and heard jokes about it, but I have never come across anyone affected by it through crashing on their mountain bike.
Records of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System, combined with data from the extant literature, identified 15 cases of priapism linked with the drug.
Amphetamine products also are used to treat ADHD, and the FDA has received reports of priapism in four patients taking one of those drugs.
Penile blood gas can aid in the determination of the subtype of priapism to further guide treatment.
The most common sistemic manifestations are vomiting, profuse sweating, salivation, priapism, cold extremities, mydriasis, arterial hypertension, tachycardia and hypotension (2,3).
Just as Doc and Val can still pick a lock and pack a powerful punch despite being advanced in years, so, too, can Hirsch still drive like an Indy champion; cue a high-speed car chase that feels as tired as the earlier priapism jokes.
Visiting Germany in 1930, Lampedusa is fascinated by her surging vitality, the nationalist resentments, and their obverse--the binge drinking, drug taking, frenetic music and dancing, and the public priapism.
It may also cause priapism, so it should be taken with caution in men who are predisposed to the condition, said the companies.