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This common-sense notion is a lesson for a pricing strategist.
If your institution has a local or regional market, you need to factor into your pricing deliberations the current economic conditions of the area.
* From "Competitive Pricing": "Lower prices, relative to your competitors can cause your products to be perceived as lower quality.
In a recent study by Horison Information Strategies, relative pricing comparisons were made for working subsystems of enterprise-class disk, mid-range disk, and for lower-cost IDE/ATA or subsystems, and for a variety of vendors' automated tape subsystems.
The Introduction states that "by complying with all of the principles contained in this PATA documentation package," the taxpayer will "avoid the imposition of the PATA members' transfer pricing documentation-related penalties with respect to the documented transactions." The goal of providing guidelines for a comprehensive package to ensure a safe harbor from penalties is laudable and we encourage PATA to continue its efforts.
Discussing price up front puts these issues on the table, and in the long run will save countless hours spent in pricing disputes, write-offs and other problems that could have been avoided had there been better communication at the beginning of the engagement.
While a Texas-based plastics reclaimer says that recycled PET did experience a drop in pricing at the start of the year, it was "not as big as we were anticipating" at two or three cents per pound.
Under this approach the option value (and related compensation expense) was based on the market price of an option with the same or similar terms (when available) or estimated using an option pricing model (applicable to most companies).
At the K 2004 show in Dusseldorf last fall, Basell's president and CEO Volker Trautz noted that LME's efforts to establish plastics futures trading has the potential to improve the industry's ability to cope with the extreme volatility in PP and PE pricing. "The futures market could provide a credible risk mechanism within the plastics supply chain that would benefit both producers and consumers of polyolefins."
The third method, stochastic, provides considerably more pricing information and is explored at greater length.
Pharmaceutical pricing has become a serious issue everywhere in the world (even where there are price controls--which have worked less well for new drugs because there is no baseline price, and in any event are under attack by the U.S.