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Duffield compared the incident to a similar one in a two-year-old maiden at Beverley last week, when he had to take evasive action on Prickly Poppy, as Joe Fanning manoeuvred to get a run on the winner, Love Everlasting.
Wants: rhizomatous or bulb flowers, laurel, Ionicera, jasmine, caladium, geranium, aristolchia, zoysia grass, primula, sarracenia, Venus fly trap, tropaelolum, foxglove, linaria, meconopsis, oenothera, grass--"stipatenuisima," dicentra, rosemary irene, thymus coccineus, armeria, pyrethrum-no yellow, orchids, prickly poppy, ginkgo, wisteria
After being denied a run on the inside, and then unsuccessfully trying to go for another gap, Fanning switched sharply left in order to get a run and hampered Prickly Poppy, ridden by George Duffield, who was forced to take evasive action.