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Christianity the office, rank, or jurisdiction of a primate or senior bishop or (in the Roman Catholic Church) the pope
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priority, preeminent role, predominance, supremacy, or highest precedence, for example, the primacy of production of the means of production over production of the means of consumption.

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In 1969, General Synod adopted the model of a detached primacy, in which primates were no longer burdened by the responsibilities of a diocesan bishop.
Whether the fledgling ESG movement will weaken the focus on shareholder primacy is still an open question.
During brake testing from 80-0 kph, new Primacy 4 tires stopped at 25.5 meters from the braking point, worn Primacy 4 tires 29.3 meters.
Revered and Reviled points out an important fact that should shape our understanding of Vatican I and the last 150 years of church history: papal primacy has been far more consequential than infallibility While papal infallibility has not changed dramatically the way popes teach, the contemporary papacy is much more marked by a form of primacy that, in some respects, has gone far beyond the text and the spirit of Vatican I.
Primacy's revenue in the year ending 31 October 2016 was CDN 2m (GBP1.2 m) with profit before tax of CDN 0.9 m (GBP 0.6m).
In the first chapter the author presents the main points of the teaching of Vatican I on the jurisdictional primacy of the bishop of Rome.
In general, the author of this booklet follows the old paths of describing, justifying, and interpreting primacy. However, in a much-appreciated move, he considers as "urgent" the call to discern the "true characteristics of universal primacy aside from administrative and juridical considerations" (26).
Yet there are signs that the shareholder primacy cure has troubling side effects.
"London Welsh rugby club filed for arbitration over the RFU's decision not to promote them on the grounds of primacy as they shared with Oxford United," explained McCarthy.
It's about primacy of talent not primacy of tenure.
RFU directors ratified findings of a report carried out by independent auditors that identified various London Welsh failures, including not having primacy of tenure at their nominated Premiership ground - Oxford United's 12,500-capacity Kassam Stadium.