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Christianity the office, rank, or jurisdiction of a primate or senior bishop or (in the Roman Catholic Church) the pope



priority, preeminent role, predominance, supremacy, or highest precedence, for example, the primacy of production of the means of production over production of the means of consumption.

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An Orthodox reader of this booklet will certainly be interested in the author's interpretation of the consequences of the doctrine of filioque applied to the principals of primacy and synodality, and would likely disagree with his opinion that filioque "in no way alters the understanding that the Father alone is the source, origin and principle of the Spirit, and indeed of Trinity" (3, 3f.
Evolis Primacy comes with the latest innovations in encoding and therefore supports any type of cards while providing premium and unmatched efficiency.
8) These versions are known as the Primacy Text (PT) and the Received Text (RT): PT because it speaks of a primacy given to Peter by Christ for the unity of Christ's Church; RT because it had been believed to be the only version of De unitate until PT was rediscovered in 1563.
The acquisition will provide Primacy Industries a bigger hold in the private label scented candles business in US, Gautham Pai, chairman & MD of Primacy Industries, said, adding that the company holds 85 percent of the share of candles exports from India and account for about 10 percent of the share of total candles imports in US.
can maintain technological global primacy with advanced, highest quality university education and a focus on innovation in "sustainable energy, biotechnology and medicine/health.
Two approaches on the issue of primacy in the course of the first millennium, however, still seem very fruitful for a reflection on papal primacy today.
Hedge fund activists therefore paradoxically practice shareholder primacy but cannot believe in it as an academic theory.
immigration policies, where there is room for a variety of approaches based on differing facts that still allow for the primacy of individual conscience.
The Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers metropolitan area, along with Fort Smith and Texarkana, were named among the best cities for relocating families on lists Compiled by Worldwide ERC and Primacy Relocation.
The claim made by Australia's Cardinal George Pell that the church has never taught the primacy of conscience is startling (NCR, March 3).
But the two bits of, as it were, effaced information--ONE THING and VIET-NAM--and their associations (literality and primacy in the first instance; napalm, self-immolating Buddhist monks, and a lying Texan president in the second) remained as traces of Kawara's earliest work, altering the impression conveyed by the later date paintings, which made up the rest of the show.