primary compression

primary consolidation, primary compression, primary time effect

The reduction in volume of a soil mass caused by the application of a sustained load on the mass; principally due to the squeezing out of water from the voids in the mass, accompanied by a transfer of the load from the soil water to the soil solids.
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That anchoring connection will transfer a portion of the tower's weight to bedrock, halting any further primary compression of soils beneath the building.
Primary compression accounts for the bulk of the settlement beneath Millennium Tower.
The settlement of MSW is composed of three mechanisms: primary compression, mechanical creep, and bio-compression (Sowers, 1973; Edgers et al., 1992; Wall and Zeiss, 1995; El-Fadel and Khoury, 2000; and Bareither et al., 2011).
Notice in each that the bulk of the wood is concentrated at the top and bottom where the primary compression and tension occur.