primary consolidation

primary consolidation, primary compression, primary time effect

The reduction in volume of a soil mass caused by the application of a sustained load on the mass; principally due to the squeezing out of water from the voids in the mass, accompanied by a transfer of the load from the soil water to the soil solids.
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The Bankruptcy (Scotland) Bill is only the second ever piece of primary consolidation legislation considered by the Scottish Parliament, following the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Consolidation Act 2003.
In order to determine consolidation characteristics of samples such as the time required for the end of primary consolidation and the over consolidation pressure, each sample were prepared according to following procedure before performing the consolidation test.
At the open day Managing Director, Harry Yearsley commented: "Yearsley Logistics idea of 'Super Hubs' is to offer primary consolidation centres at strategic locations across the UK in order to satisfy efficiently, the logistical needs of manufacturers and importers for deliveries into their clients in retail or foodservice.
Consolidation settlement refers to settlement due largely to primary consolidation in which the time rate at which water expelled from void spaces in the soil.
Some companies use data warehouses as their primary consolidation tool even though they were actually designed for analysis.
The next layer is then loaded prior to the end of primary consolidation under the previous loading.
A joint Manhattan Associates/Sainsbury's Supermarkets project team implemented the PkMS Distributed N-Tier warehouse management solution in combination with HP, Oracle and Symbol technologies at Sainsbury's Northampton primary consolidation center (PCC) in the United Kingdom (UK).
Forster noted that Boughey already acted as a primary consolidation centre for some clients and expected such services to expand.
With the supermarkets all wanting to reduce their inventories and cut complexity in their supply chains, but at the same time boost local sourcing, primary consolidation is essential, he says.
Sainsbury's decision to open its first European primary consolidation centre in Lille last autumn was a strategic move to increase order efficiency and reduce lead times from its European suppliers.
Improving product availability and reducing supply chain costs from its Scottish suppliers is the aim of Sainsbury's new 18,500 sq m primary consolidation centre (PCC) at Bishopsbriggs, Glasgow.