primary consolidation

primary consolidation, primary compression, primary time effect

The reduction in volume of a soil mass caused by the application of a sustained load on the mass; principally due to the squeezing out of water from the voids in the mass, accompanied by a transfer of the load from the soil water to the soil solids.
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It sets out best practices for using strain-stress data from the incremental loading of a soil sample in a standardized consolidometer (step-load test), one-dimensional vertical consolidation theory relating Ksat to the coefficient of consolidation (cv), the relation between Ksat and k, and the relation between the porosity and the void ratio of a soil undergoing primary consolidation.
Until retirement income options become more readily available inside DC plans, IRAs will continue to be the primary consolidation vehicle for retirees, regardless of an evolving regulatory environment," she said.
The Bankruptcy (Scotland) Bill is only the second ever piece of primary consolidation legislation considered by the Scottish Parliament, following the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Consolidation Act 2003.
In order to determine consolidation characteristics of samples such as the time required for the end of primary consolidation and the over consolidation pressure, each sample were prepared according to following procedure before performing the consolidation test.
The coefficient of primary consolidation 'Cv' decreases 15% to 38% with sand content varying from 5% to 25%.
At the open day Managing Director, Harry Yearsley commented: "Yearsley Logistics idea of 'Super Hubs' is to offer primary consolidation centres at strategic locations across the UK in order to satisfy efficiently, the logistical needs of manufacturers and importers for deliveries into their clients in retail or foodservice.
Secondary compression settlement occurred when primary consolidation process was almost done, where excess pore pressure at that time was assumed to be zero.
Consolidation settlement refers to settlement due largely to primary consolidation in which the time rate at which water expelled from void spaces in the soil.
Some companies use data warehouses as their primary consolidation tool even though they were actually designed for analysis.
Thus, Primary Consolidation Centres, where small suppliers deliver into a single site, allowing consolidation with other suppliers' products, before being delivered to retailers' RBCs, can be a benefit both ways.
The carousels, which are fed by two lanes of accumulation conveyor, are the primary consolidation zone for salon orders.