primary contract

prime contract

A contract between the owner and contractor for construction of a project or portion thereof.
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SPS has been the DoN's primary contract writing system and contracting data exchanger.
SeaPort NxG, as it is known, is the Navy's primary contract vehicle for support services in areas of engineering, IT, cyber security and program management and has a ceiling value of $52.5 billion over the next 10 years.
This step follows the completion of the company's 287-patient, multi-centre Phase IIb clinical trial of EVK-001, for which SynteractHCR served as the primary contract research organisation.
SeaPort-e is the Navy's primary contract vehicle and advanced electronic platform for acquiring support services in 22 functional areas including Engineering, Information Technology, and Program Management.
In each instance, Task Assignments will be made to the Consultant holdingthe Primary Contract; if the Primary Contractor is unable to accept an assignment orfails to perform, the task assignment will be made to the Consultant holding theSecondary Contract.
"As far as Shaun goes, his primary contract is with Wasps," McGeechan said.
But primary contractors do have to take such actions, and the Reading First subcontracts required compliance with the primary contract.
According to Maria Papet, the SERVMART primary contract negotiator at FISC San Diego, these agreements not only provide great pricing, but also streamline the purchasing process for buyers and purchase cardholders by eliminating the need to research and compete orders.
SIZ-2016 (1984), the OHA reiterated its long-held position that, for Schedule procurements, a concern's size status is determined, as of the date of its self-certification on the primary contract. Had the agency merely issued an order against the Schedule contract, OHA stated, "the question of SETA's size status would not have arisen."
The airport's primary contract for food and beverage concessions is with HMS Host and this is not due to expire until 2008.
``It is vital for Wirral and Merseyside that BAE Systems wins the primary contract. There are also many other manufacturers in the area who stand to benefit.
Currently, there is little to look for in the primary contract, while that for secondary metal lost ground by $3 per tonne to a $1,035 close, despite ever-falling stocks, last week by 3,200 tonnes to 86,420.

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