primary fluid

primary fluid, primary refrigerant

The refrigerant in a refrigeration system which takes up heat, by evaporation.
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The primary fluid was water with viscosity of 1 centipoise.
02%, is a novel eye drop that the company believes, if approved, would become the only once-daily product available that, based on Aerie's preclinical and clinical studies to date, specifically targets the trabecular meshwork, the eye's primary fluid drain and the diseased tissue responsible for elevated IOP in glaucoma.
The UK operation, Hi-Power Hydraulics, will become a trading division of Primary Fluid Power.
The drug is expected to be the first once-a-day eye drop specifically targeting the eye's primary fluid drainage system to relieve a defining symptom of glaucoma, pressure in the eye.
Microscopic observation of the colourless dome revealed small colourless inclusions and/or negative crystals, primary fluid inclusions and tiny, very fine, oriented needles (which caused the asterism).
The club would like to thank the sponsors of all their various teams and especially their main club sponsor Primary Fluid Power Ltd who have been associated with the club since 1988.
In both of the figures, the enhancement of viscoelasticity modifies the primary fluid velocity u and secondary fluid velocity w in comparison with Newtonian fluid flow phenomenon.
For example, an investigation of a suspected brake failure in a medium-duty truck that sustained significant crash damage in a freeway accident revealed that the truck had a brake-line design that allowed the primary fluid lines to rub against one another.
This exception can be explained by observing the molded parts that the fingerings of gas-molded 8-mm parts were mainly caused by the secondary gas penetration, while the fingerings of the other parts resulted from primary fluid penetration.
The application of vacuum after reflow should also offer more capability and speed in recovering condensed primary fluid from product surfaces.
The winner of Best Overall Company in Knowsley was Primary Fluid Power, based in Knowsley Business Park.
The primary fluid that initiated development of VIP was liquid helium.