primary member

main member, primary member

In a structural system, a member or component part which is essential to the overall stability of the structure.
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a primary member of Harwal Group, is a leading manufacturer of innovative products for the construction industry that include electrical cable management systems, wiring accessories, low voltage components, architectural claddings, window and door systems, fences, garden storage sheds and many more.
Summary: Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], Nov 27 (ANI): Gujarat Congress spokesperson Rekhaben Chaudhary tendered her resignation as primary member of party, spokesperson and all other posts.
He also chairs the Hematology Panel for the VA R01 Scientific Merit Review committee and is a primary member of the Hodgkin Lymphoma Working Group for the NIH and NCI Steering Committee.
Dr Habib Aminfar, primary member and a leading Iranian scientist graduated in engineering from MIT.
Among the survey questions was one asking respondents if they consider AMS their primary member organization.
Ambassador to Lebanon David Hale, and the presence of Caretaker Information Minister Walid Daouk who was honoured as primary member of MEPI board of trustees.
Alec Stem is a primary member of the founding team and vice president, strategic market development for Constant Contact.
8%, and the chain saw growth in the paid primary member base and penetration of its top-tier Plus members.
f [member of] [lambda] f] exists and it is a primary member of DP(X) say (f, H), where H is a closed nowhere dense subset of X.
Frequently, information about you can also be displayed on a site that has your spouse, or even your parents, as the primary member, but lists your information with just as much detail.
With more than 315 primary member organizations--municipalities, utilities, and energy efficiency organizations--the Consortium is building a library of field experience and data in order to simplify the learning process and help even the smallest towns maximize the value of the dollars they spend evaluating LED street lighting.
As a result of the efforts of the project, the nursing administration has become a primary member of the Health Directorate's committees for technical development, comprehensive development, transport and distribution.

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