primary member

main member, primary member

In a structural system, a member or component part which is essential to the overall stability of the structure.
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clinical and laboratory Medical Geneticists who are board certified by the American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics, one of the 24 primary member specialty boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties.
She took over the reigns of the party in 1999, within six months of becoming primary member of the party.
Dr Habib Aminfar, primary member and a leading Iranian scientist graduated in engineering from MIT.
One can become an active member of the party after remaining a primary member for two years," the leader added.
Ambassador to Lebanon David Hale, and the presence of Caretaker Information Minister Walid Daouk who was honoured as primary member of MEPI board of trustees.
Pai confirmed that Balakrishnan had become P's primary member.
Alec Stem is a primary member of the founding team and vice president, strategic market development for Constant Contact.
With more than 315 primary member organizations--municipalities, utilities, and energy efficiency organizations--the Consortium is building a library of field experience and data in order to simplify the learning process and help even the smallest towns maximize the value of the dollars they spend evaluating LED street lighting.
As a result of the efforts of the project, the nursing administration has become a primary member of the Health Directorate's committees for technical development, comprehensive development, transport and distribution.
When the primary member pays the foreign income or profits tax on behalf of the group, a secondary member will often make a compensating payment to the primary member in respect of the taxes the secondary member would have paid had it not been a member of the group.
Plus, when the primary member passes away, that pension will be subject to tax duties, or inheritance tax, of up to 83 per cent, which is considerable," he said.

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