Priming coat

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Priming coat

The first or ground coat of paint applied to wood to fill the pores of the surface. The priming paint is mixed with turpentine to make it thinner than normal consistency.

prime coat, priming coat

A first coat with a primer, 1.


1. A paint, applied as a first coat, which serves the function of sealing and filling on wood, plaster, and masonry; inhibits rust and improves the adhesion of subsequent coats of paint on metal surfaces.
2. A thin liquid bitumen solvent; applied to a roof surface to absorb dust and to improve the adhesion of subsequent applications of bitumen.
3. A cartridge or container of explosives into which a detonator or detonating cord is inserted or attached.
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Tenders are invited for Steel work in built up tubular (round, square or rectangular hollow tubes etc.) trusses etc., including cutting, hoisting, fixing in position and applying a priming coat of approved steel primer, including welding and bolted with special shaped washers etc.
Tenders Are Invited for Providing Supply Fitting Fixing 1.5 Ton 5 Star Voltas a.c With Stabilizer Including All Taxes and Testing and Commissining All Complete Job, Providing and Fixing in Wall Lining Flat Pressed Three Layer ( Medium Density) Particle Board or Graded Wood Prelaminated One Side Decorative Lamination and Other Side Balancing Lamination Grade I , Type Ii, Is : 12823 Marked, Including Priming Coat on Unexposed Surface, With Necessary Fixing Arrangement and Screws Etc.
Tenders are invited for Providing and laying of stone metal 53mm to 22.4mm gauge upto WBM and providing and laying of priming coat (Emulsion rapid) on WBM and tack coat on primer coat and 25mm thick premix carpet with B-type seal coat with bitumen grade on C-roads in Sector