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The analysis of these methods clearly illustrates that the distribution of steel fibres in principal section, and the anchorage of fibre in concrete matrix are estimated differently.
The book is divided into 15 chapters that comprise the introduction followed by four principal sections in which the authors utilize an inductive reasoning model to organize and present their thesis.
In particular, the document must contain two principal sections, the head of the National Agency for Science, Innovations and Informatization said.
Richey (religion, Berea College) offers an overview of Confucianism in four East Asian regions--China, Japan, Korea, and Viet Nam--which constitute the principal sections of the book.
It is divided into four principal sections of three chapters each, corresponding to the seasons and months of the year, and begins and ends with the coming of spring in March.
The aim/objective when establishing the SJGH was to establish a premier care giving centre which has two principal sections, namely, a non private section and a private section, they stated.
In three principal sections, the authors tackle assessing, organizing and putting a value on intangible capital.
Comprised of three principal sections, these being "Placing the City", "Gender, Mobility, and the City," and "Redressing Boundaries," City Limits brings a variety of academics working in six different intellectual fields in Canada and the US for the sole purpose of explicating socioeconomic, artistic, cultural, and conceptual matters within effervescent European cities such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, London, and Paris.
In eastern Cygnus, all three principal sections of the Veil Nebula were imaged, including the faint central part known as 'Pickering's Triangular Wisp'.
As mentioned above, the volume's three principal sections are divided by a wide range of artists' statements.
The work is divided into two principal sections that examine Aristotle's Books Epsilon as a "macroscopic" focus and Zeta as a "microscopic investigation.
Then, Howe divides the book into two principal sections.

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