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48 billion print media industry is set to grow by 8 per cent annually for the next three years.
The Middle East and Africa accounted for xx% and Oceania accounted for xx% of the global Print Media market.
To find out that how peace process between India and Pakistan is covered by Pakistani print media in a given time period.
Overall, a total of 85 per cent of survey respondents prefer a combination of digital and traditional/print media, while 10 per cent said they are more inclined to use digital and five per cent prefer just print media.
8220;Multicultural print media is growing, commensurate with the dynamic growth in population and demographic shifts.
To sustain this growth, the print media companies need an inflow of funds to expand and reach every corner of India.
Tony Lord, vice president European Operations, has also been appointed as general manager, Print Media Europe, reporting to Mr.
Information related to the Xerox paper and print media portfolio of products can be found at www.
Advertising revenues for print media dropped from e1/476m in 2011 to e1/458m last year, marking a 25 per cent decrease while TV revenues dropped from e1/4325m to e1/4293m.
A survey conducted by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) has shed light on the most frequently silenced and censored issues in Bulgarian print media.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Print media needs to integrate with--not switch to--new technologies if they want to increase 18-30 readership of their print materials.
Opportunity to see (OTS) is what we are measuring in this study on ad spend in the print media Au how much of an opportunity to see does each company try to get for its brands.