printing system

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printing system

(1) System software that schedules, queues and spools printer output from an application to the printer. In modern operating systems, applications communicate with the printing system via a programming interface (API). The printing system causes the output to be converted into a printer language such as PostScript, PDF and PCL or formatted as final output in the form of a bitmap (rasterized).

The printing system comprises the printer driver, which includes the commands required by the specific printer. In the case of host-based printing, the pre-rasterized pages (turned into bitmaps) and print head commands are sent to the printer (see host-based printing).

Windows Print Manager and CUPS
The two major printing system are the Windows Print Manager for Windows and the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) for Linux/Unix and Mac. Note that the Windows Printing System is a host-based printing function that works with the Windows Print Manager. See Windows Print Manager, Windows Printing System and CUPS.

(2) An assembly of computers and printing equipment that turns print jobs into printed output.
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The acquisition of the printing system and the follow-up technique is advertised in 2 lots It is a duplex printing system includes waste and reel plus 2 additional : Reel for the existing print system (lot 1), plus follow technology (Lot 2) for the center of pressure of the procured ekom21 at Kassel.
High DPI or the greater number of ink colors in the print system do not necessarily correlate with better photo quality.
The EASYSHARE Printer Dock Series 3, which can make real KODAK pictures at home in seconds -- at the touch of a single button -- when used with cameras compatible with the new IMAGELINK print system.
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