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1. a positive photographic image in colour or black and white produced, usually on paper, from a negative image on film
a. a fabric with a printed design
b. (as modifier): a print dress
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a fabric whose surface is decorated with a printed design. Prints originally were made by hand using blocks with raised designs. Later the term “print” was applied to all fabrics with designs made by printing machines.

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(graphic arts)
A photographic copy made by placing a negative or transparency in contact with a sensitized surface or by projecting the image on a screen or sensitized photographic medium, and then developing the result.
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1. A plaster cast of a flat ornament.
2.See printing.
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PRe-edited INTerpreter.

An early mathematics language for the IBM 705.

[Sammet 1969, p. 134].
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To send information from the computer to an attached printer or to a printer in the network. See preview mode.
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This document, presented in PowerPoint slide print-outs, discusses the Kentucky Community and Technical College System's role as strategic partner in Kentucky's economic and workforce development system.
They were typed on a postcard, which I had to provide, stamped and self addressed -unlike today's foolscap envelopes enclosing manicured computer print-outs.
"Since they couldn't be here to sign the banners, we ironed on the e-mail print-outs and photos they sent."
She passed on these details in the form of computer print-outs to Joseph Lamb who recruited friends to pose as customers and made telephone requests to transfer cash into their bank accounts, defrauding the bank of pounds 216,000.
The result is a stack of print-outs that Theis described as "four to five feet high" that department employees were having to read through in order to redact any information that might identify an individual taxpayer.
Computer print-outs will eventually supplant penned prescriptions, instructions and notes altogether.
The system memorises up to 99 samplings with print-outs available.
The specific missing evidence is a series of print-outs from a foetal heart monitor called a cardiotacograph which could prove that Richard was in distress.
The Census Bureau is committed to delivering the address lists and maps in different formats including CD-ROM, diskette or paper print-outs. Some cities may wish to cross-check electronic address lists maintained by the city against census files while others may wish to do street-by-street inspections.
One nutrition assistant is responsible for all of the daily print-outs on the computer.
The system can provide print-outs, product locator maps, and other customer services.