printing system

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printing system

(1) System software that schedules, queues and spools printer output from an application to the printer. In modern operating systems, applications communicate with the printing system via a programming interface (API). The printing system causes the output to be converted into a printer language such as PostScript, PDF and PCL or formatted as final output in the form of a bitmap (rasterized).

The printing system comprises the printer driver, which includes the commands required by the specific printer. In the case of host-based printing, the pre-rasterized pages (turned into bitmaps) and print head commands are sent to the printer (see host-based printing).

Windows Print Manager and CUPS
The two major printing system are the Windows Print Manager for Windows and the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) for Linux/Unix and Mac. Note that the Windows Printing System is a host-based printing function that works with the Windows Print Manager. See Windows Print Manager, Windows Printing System and CUPS.

(2) An assembly of computers and printing equipment that turns print jobs into printed output.
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Contract notice: Inkjet printing systems including postprocessing technique for the printing center.
The sale covers all the BASF printing system facilities and activities, including pigment production at the BASF Colorants & Chemicals Co.
Both the Common UNIX Printing System and PDQ allow MINOLTA-QMS to enable device-specific features, such as paper input trays or duplex printing options, by providing PostScript Printer Description (PPD) files to the CUPS or PDQ environments.
Multistation process printing system uses interdeck uv curing to print photographic images onto dairy container lids and other flat products.
The primary benefits of the Windows Printing System are speed, ease of use, control over the printing process and true WYSIWYG.
HP (NYSE:HPQ) (Nasdaq:HPQ) today unveiled a broad portfolio of color printing systems and services that sets a new standard in color image quality for businesses.
The KODAK VERSAMARK VX5000e printing system, now commercially available, incorporates the latest evolution in continuous inkjet printing from Kodak.
For example, in one application, a VERSAMARK VT3000 inkjet printing system will print multiple elements for a customer loyalty program -- including a personalized solicitation letter, a full-color program statement and a booklet.
The Campus Printing System is ideal for use in libraries, computing labs, residences, print centers and common areas, and supports network topologies that are problematic for traditional printing solutions.
Eastman Kodak Company announced today the expansion of KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology -- which automatically improves poorly exposed or backlit pictures when printed -- to retail, home and online digital printing systems worldwide.
Christian Wildmoser, Managing Director of CVC, commented: "We are making a decisive contribution to consolidation in a fragmented industry by merging BASF Printing Systems and ANI.
Santos joins Fujifilm with 35 years' experience in technical services and support at IBM Printing Systems Division.