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A particular order, or sequence, in which things take place (items processed, users served, etc.). A priority is based on a predetermined assignment of value, or importance, to different types of events and people.



(1) Being first in time to perform some action.

(2) A concept of priority fundamental for scientific discoveries, inventions, and industrial designs. The onset of author’s rights is set by the date of priority. In the USSR the priority of a discovery is established either on the basis of the date a particular thesis was first formulated as a discovery or on the date the thesis was published or made known to third persons by some other means.

In most countries the priority of an invention or industrial design is determined by the date of submission by the author or office of a special application to the patent department, or in the USSR, to the State Committee on Inventions and Discoveries of the Council of Ministers.

(3) The primary and predominant significance of a particular normative act. For example, in the USSR the priority of national law over republic law is a constitutional principle. According to this principle, where the law of the USSR and of individual republics differs the law of the USSR takes precedence.

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The end points also reflect agency priorities, including ATSDR's seven broad categories of priority health conditions and the U.
In a Chapter 7 liquidation, after the secured creditors are paid, unsecured creditors are paid strictly according to their Bankruptcy Code Section 507 priority class.
Employees' payroll withholdings (trust fund taxes) held for the exclusive use of the government have no time limits restricting their priority status.
Throughout the world, Priority Club members will receive a standard set of benefits (see note), including a standard corporate rate on their room, regardless of how many family members are staying in the room; complimentary newspaper; express check-in and check-out; extended check- out; check-cashing privileges; and express reservations.
The Priority Health Cycling Team really made a huge impact, not only in the racing community but with children and families in Michigan," said Mark Olson, Priority Health cycling Team Manager.
Building the Amargosa Creek Middle School, proposed for 27th Street West and Avenue J, is a top priority for 554 parents, while 476 gave it an intermediate rating, and 559 said it is the lowest priority.
The Sprint Priority Service Commitment to complete customer satisfaction.
We admire Priority Health's reputation for providing quality service and care to those individuals it serves," said Laura Lentenbrink, vice-president of Human Resources at Borgess Health System.
100,000,000 class A2 third priority senior secured floating-rate notes due 2042 'AAA';
160,500,000 Class A-3 Third Priority Senior Floating-Rate Notes Due April 2047 'AAA';
Fitch considers the enterprise value of the foreign subsidiaries to be the most valuable source of the security for the DIP facility and as such, Fitch views the 1st priority DIP facilities as collateralized by nearly $6.
430,000,000 class A-1 first priority senior secured floating-rate notes due 2037 'AAA';

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