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1. the superior of a house and community in certain religious orders
2. the deputy head of a monastery or abbey, ranking immediately below the abbot
3. (formerly) a chief magistrate in medieval Florence and other Italian republics


Matthew. 1664--1721, English poet and diplomat, noted for his epigrammatic occasional verse



(1) A superior of a small Catholic monastery.

(2) The official second in rank after the grand master in various religious orders of knights.

(3) In the medieval communes of central Italy, the head of a guild, who was usually a member of the commune’s administration (priorate).

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The patient had suffered a severe blunt chest injury involving a rock 20 years priorly. She did not develop any acute complications after this event, but ventriculography demonstrated apical aneurysm with normal coronary angiography indicating myocardial contusion and injury eventually resulting in LV apical scar and aneurysm.
In the present case, multiple well-defined and partially ill-defined masses had been seen in both breasts two years priorly, which increased significantly in size in subsequent mammography (Figures 3 and 4).
"Petitioner submits that respondent Binay conveniently ignores and glosses over the documented facts that when respondent Court of Appeals first resolution (TRO) was issued, the suspension order had priorly been served on him on March 11 and was fully implemented on March 16 at 8:30 in the morning," Morales said.
The characteristics and advantages of the measurement model of the accruals by Richardson are much more widespread than the other models priorly used in academic articles.
This is jokingly reflected in the viewers' comments reacting to the mishaps of HelixSnake's avatar: "Our hero, Helix Snake spends a hot summer day in Port Carverton exploring the rooftops only to stumble into the city's seedy upperbelly and its villains, consisting of priorly inanimate objects." Others personalize the game engines, saying "Developers must have put a very angry poltergeist in the game instead of physics" (of Skate 3) or "Thank you Euphoria" (of RDR, Euphoria being the physics engine employed in that game) (appended YouTube comments in HelixSnake, 2012b; HelixSnake, 2012a; Flatbryan112gametube, 2010).
CFU/mL) was inoculated to MRS broth with a pH adjusted at 2.0 3.0 5.0 8.0 and 10 priorly with 2 M HCl / NaOH and incubated at 37oC for 24 h.
Conclusion: Although FAD has been the priorly recommended alternative with its relatively higher success, and lower recurrence rates, our study demonstrated that the compliance of families with this treatment is below the expected level.
In particular, the lux values around 350-400 (frames around 1 to 400) keep the subject tracking region similar; however, when the subject moves to darker region, around 100 lux (around frame 600 to 1200 in Table 3), target model and current matching are not consistent enough due to the loss of information in the normalized color histogram, so tracking quality decreases as this problem was also presented in Figure 14 priorly.
If the distance (D) between these two planes was also priorly known, the ROC of the sphere (R) could be represented as
Data-aid (DA) estimation methods make use of pilot, which is known both at transmitter and at receiver On the contrary, blind estimation (BE) methods do not use any symbols known priorly at the receiver, thus saving transmitting power and bandwidth.
The consent by the parent(s) entitled to custody is only effective if they had been fully and properly informed priorly about the procedure.