prism glass

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prismatic glass

Rolled glass ? to ¼ in. (3.2 to 6.4 mm) thick, one face of which consists of parallel prisms that refract the transmitted light, thereby changing the direction of the light rays.
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It erected PEBs and roof and wall panels for Bahrain Prism Glass Factory, Bahrain Pipe Factory and an Agility facility in the Hidd area of the country.
A prism glass installed on the stationary side of the mold functioned as a cavity wall, and a cavity unit with a stamper was inserted on the movable side.
To ensure the prism glass does not blind drivers on the West Side High way and other nearby streets, a model section of the curtainwall will be erected and tested at a site in New Jersey.
All LX L models come with fully multicoated lenses and phase-corrected, high index prism glass.
A production hall of Bahrain Prism Glass Factory, which had a successful presence at the twin gulfBID-gulfInteriors exhibition
Since prism glass both reflects and absorbs light, if it's not properly coated up to five percent of transmitted light can be lost at each of a binocular's air-to-glass surfaces.
For instance, highly homogeneous N-BK7HT is a typical prism glass.
Plants of 6,000 sq m usually employ 80 to 200 people while Bahrain Prism Glass Factory has an area of 35,000 sq m and employs 120.
Brunton's top binocular, the Epoch Zoom 8-15x35, is built with high-grade SF prism glass.
Since opening, Opry Mills has added the following retailers, Liz Claiborne Outlet, TGI Fridays, Off Broadway Shoes, Fossil, Prism Glass, Harry & David, Leather Limited, Limited Too and Hot Topic.
The company supplied and installed the structure -- a pre-engineered steel building -- and panels for Bahrain Prism Glass Factory (BPGF) that were designed and fabricated by Butler System at its factory in Saudi Arabia.
Its SF prism glass is multi-coated for clarity and true-to-life color.