prism glass

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prismatic glass

Rolled glass ? to ¼ in. (3.2 to 6.4 mm) thick, one face of which consists of parallel prisms that refract the transmitted light, thereby changing the direction of the light rays.
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It erected PEBs and roof and wall panels for Bahrain Prism Glass Factory, Bahrain Pipe Factory and an Agility facility in the Hidd area of the country.
A prism glass installed on the stationary side of the mold functioned as a cavity wall, and a cavity unit with a stamper was inserted on the movable side.
To ensure the prism glass does not blind drivers on the West Side High way and other nearby streets, a model section of the curtainwall will be erected and tested at a site in New Jersey.
A fully multicoated lens system consisting of phase-correction coated prism glass delivers all day and until the end of day.
No light should pass through the prism glass, as its transmission would limit the spectral response.
The lightweight (25 oz.) Epochs are built on a magnesiumalloy frame for durability, and feature notables like SF prism glass, prism and lens coating, and locking multistep eye relief.
Bahrain Prism Glass Factory reported receiving business worth $18 million on the first two days of the fair.
At 34 ounces, it has some heft, but that's more than made up for by its waterproof housing, BaK-4 prism glass, multicoated optics and quality dim-light performance.
Since prism glass both reflects and absorbs light, if it's not properly coated up to five percent of transmitted light can be lost at each of a binocular's air-to-glass surfaces.
Bahrain Prism Glass Factory (BPGF) WLL is now designed to produce 2.800 sq m per day of processed high-performance insulated glass.
Brunton's top binocular, the Epoch Zoom 8-15x35, is built with high-grade SF prism glass. This true zoom binocular will take you from 8X to 15X and everywhere in between.