private IP address

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private IP address

An IP address within three ranges of numbers that are set aside for the computers in local networks. Assigned to the devices in the network by the DHCP service in the router, these private addresses are not visible on the Internet.

The network address translation (NAT) function in the router converts the private addresses to the public address on the Internet side of the router, and that address is exposed to the world. See, CIDR, NAT, DHCP and IP address.
PRIVATE IP ADDRESS RANGESFrom          To  CIDR   10/8   172.16/12  192.168/16

 Self-Assigned Addresses
 See  DHCP autoconfiguration addressing.
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Such isolation can be accomplished with security policies that need all or some of these- allocating every customer a unique VLAN, encryption, tunneling, or private IP addressing.
The printers also have an Ethernet port, an integrated 10/100Base-TX network card to connect to the LAN, and the support of advanced network protocols such as Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).
The enhancements to NAT extend address translation for private IP addressing to MPLS VPNs, allowing access to shared services from any VPN without losing the VPN association or compromising connectivity.

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