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This private peering is opposed to public peering that takes place at the NAPs.
There are multiple bandwidth options are available ranging from 1MB to 1GB and this connectivity will be established via direct connection solutions and private peering, CTO of Kordia, ron Olphert said.
Interconnection services available in the new IBX include the Equinix Internet Exchange[TM] for public and private peering, and the Equinix Carrier Ethernet Exchange, which enables Ethernet buyers and sellers to discover, transact and interconnect to each other.
The company said, that prior to its selection, it had to meet specific parameters required by The Quilt members, including national pricing, number and location of public and private peering points; and availability of advanced services and backbone and support services.
999% availability commitment; 24/7 support; proactive network operations centre (NOC) monitoring of system performance; customer ability to monitor traffic stats and sFlow through the Customer One portal; port speeds from 100Mb/s to 10GigE, including multiple 10GigE port aggregation up to 80GigE; Route Server; public and private peering via VLANs; as well as support for IPv4 and IPv6.
The private peering relationship between Dash and Mammoth Networks facilitates exchange traffic, which results in reduced costs for transit of data and voice.
At the same time as traffic flow is shifting toward public and private peering, as explained in the ATLAS report, companies are scaling their operations to keep pace with the continued rapid growth of IP traffic volume.
Mzima Networks offers a unique combination of route-optimized transit and private peering for customers requiring the highest levels of performance and reliability.
The Dallas data center's upgrades included adding a 10G Comcast connection for private peering.

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